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Product adoption lifecycle for Music Streaming Services in India

As Internet penetration in India is growing at a rapid speed, Consuming music and audio content methods have changed drastically. It is surprising how deeply technological progress has influenced the (digital) music market.

FIg 1.1
Fig 1.2
Revenue in the Music Streaming segment
Product Adoption Curve
  • Early adopters are often opinion leaders. They are similar to innovators in how quickly they adapt, but they are more concerned about the coolness factor and maintaining their reputations as being ahead of the curve on new ideas.
  • The early majority and the late majority are the critical mass that ensures adoption. The early majority looks for productivity and practical benefits more than coolness or reputation. The late majority is similar but also expects a lot of help and support before they are willing to commit.
  • Laggards, as the term implies, are slow to adopt. They are the most resistant to change and do so only when forced to adopt because everyone else has.
  1. JioSaavn ₹99/month
  2. Gaana — ₹99/month,
  3. Apple Music — ₹120/month
  4. Google Music- ₹99/month
  5. Hungama- ₹99/month
  6. Amazon Music ₹129/month
  7. Spotify — ₹119/month
  8. YouTube Music — ₹99/month.